A lot of activities we do depends on the weather. While the brief was to make a simple weather app, I decided to tinker with the exercise by adding my own flavour—adding activites.

A mobile app which lets to decide activites depending on the weather of the week.


The Context 

How often has it happened that we planned an outdoor activity for a day in advance but come that day, bad weather ruined it?

Being an outdoor activity enthusiast, I wanted to make a weather app which caters to the different activities on a particular day based on the weather.

The Concept

Planni is a weekly weather activity planning app, personalised based on the activities that you enjoy. Planni shows you the weather for that day and allows you to browse the week based on which activities are best enjoyed on certain days. In addition, Planni informs you how good or bad the day is for the chosen activity and the items you should carry along with you and the hourly forecast for that day.

The Process

Sketching on paper
Following the conception of the idea, a detailed sketch was made on paper to understand the flow. This was run through a small test to validate if the app completed the job and if the interactions were clear even without the animation that I envisioned in the working prototype.

Digital prototype
After the paper prototyping, some changes were made to the digital prototype based on the feedback and each interaction were separately designed and then incorporated into a final design. Individual pages were made on Sketch app and then animated on Origami app.

Final Design

Duration: 3 days
Intructors: Christian Palino, Kristina Varshavskaya, Joshua Dickens
Tools used: Sketch, Origami

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