Millions in Africa live without access to clean water. The team had to visualise and realise the importance of a treasured resource like water and come up with a solution which could be used on a regular basis while having a holistic understanding of the problem.

A mobile application along with a water testing sensor which could be readily used to analysis the quality of water in natural water resources like rivers, lakes and ponds.


The Context 

Climate change is altering the world’s hydrological systems, putting water availability and quality at risk for 2.1 billion people globally. Due to the severe and widespread nature of this issue, my team decided to work on the topic of water contamination.

The challenge was to design an application that helps communities and ecosystems adapt to shifting climate conditions. My team designed Y’eau, an app for testing water quality. Additionally, the app creates a network of user-uploaded water sources by communities around the world.

The Concept

Y'eah is a water quality testing app that helps local authorities in semi-arid areas with limited access to clean water by providing tools to empower international volunteers and community officials to create a network of comprehensive water analysis data.

Y’eau works in conjunction with an external sensor that is attached to the phone. The app can be used as a tool to empower international volunteers and community officials —creating a network of comprehensive water analysis data.

The Process

My team worked on the main use-case—testing water, designed low-fidelity paper sketches and then vetted their flows with Marvel—a tool that creates a simple touch-through prototype. This enabled the team to uncover missing screens and even explore unexpected use-cases.

Following this, a detailed user flow for each use-case was sketched. After a concrete wireframe was created, the branding of the app and colour palette was decided. Each screen was meticulously designed in Sketch, enabling a professional aesthetic. To add interactions, they used Principle for granular details, such as micro-interactions and


With a tap of the button, a user is enabled to assess the water quality.


A user can tap onto a specific water body to select and know the health
of the water in their surrounding.


Radial graphs of a water body showing the water quality in the
previous months.


Team: Raphael Katz and Rina Shumylo
Tools used: Sketch, Origami, Principle
Instructors: Frank Rausch and Timm Kekeritz
Duration: 2 weeks

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