This page showcases a collection of smaller projects that I have worked on.

Printer Knows is a machine which gathers information of the ongoing foot traffic in front of it. The anthropomorphism approach allows the machine to translate the information gathered in a similar way a human would do it, by writing it down on paper. The machine produces a very logical visual interpretation of the data collected.

The team of Axel, Federico, Mantas and I accomplished the project by connecting an infrared sensor to an Arduino UNO board for data collection and, on the other end, attaching a pen to a servo motor which in turn was attached a to stepper motor, repurposed together with a set of gears from a common desktop printer, which allowed for the pen to move left and right and up and down.

Prey in the cards is a series of four semi-transformative playing cards. The pips are camouflaged in the illustrations. My focus in this project were on the details, composition, colour and form in the cards. Based on the relationship between the predator and the prey or food, I have given my illustrations a quirky theme. 

During Immersive Experiences at CIID, Raunaq and I tried to merge mixed reality world with the physical world by turning a device on and off when there is an interaction happening in the Mixed Reality world. In this example, we are trying to recreate something that is generally seen in all horror movies, that when a ghost comes to the place, the lights flicker on and off.

The project Expressing the Expressive aims to evoke a sense of feeling and emotions behind each tagline/slogan through calligraphic representation and amplifying the connotations in a more explicit way. Since slogan of a brand changes with campaigns, one might find old ones here. Taglines are attached to the brand and therefore stays stagnant.

This short documentary Burnt Bricks is an attempt to unveil the life and space of the people who work for brick kilns. Located along the Gangetic banks on the outskirts of the city called Patna in Bihar, India, one can only comprehend the vastness of this industry in person. With uncountable houses in existence and new ones made each day, the men and women work exemplarily to meet the demands. This film shows glances of the life in this industry.

The first poster is about Assisted suicide is a term for a suicide committed by someone with assistance from another person, typically in cases with people suffering from a severe physical illness. Switzerland is one of the three places in the world including Belgium and State of Oregon in USA where such a law exists. Switzerland is the only place which allows resident from different origin to make use of this law.

Swiss watches have a high reputation for their precision, uniqueness and design. The posters illustrates the inside mechanism of such small but complex machines.

This is a brief documentation of road signages in a city, Luzern, Switzerland. I spent a semester studying there in Hochschule Luzern as an exchange student. This publication was my attempt to co-relate the theory which I read in books with what I observed on the street sides.

This is Packaging Design project where I had pick up an existing product and re-design the packaging, putting in the knowledge of the previous course’s such as typography, colour, grid. Since I am a sports enthusiast, I decided to re-package a sport energy drink–Glucon-D. Being a sports drink, it was essential to demonstrate the sudden burst of energy graphically. The idea was to bring about a feeling of rush of water and energy on consumption. Glucon-D is well renowned energy drink and comes in a powder form which is mixed with water for consumption.

#36daysoftype is an Instagram challenge in which designers upload one alphabet from A to Z each day for 26 days and 0 to 9 thereafter.
Each alphabet is calligraphically drawn on paper using calligraphy tools and rendered in Photoshop. However the numerals are in Devanagari script and are not coloured over.

Textile weight scale is project made using a resistive fabric as sensor and five LEDs providing the feedback on the weight. The weight scale as been calibrated to sense weight up to 1 kg so each LED lights up every 200 g. This project was done together with Andrea as a part of Material of Electronics course at CIID.

Permission Granted is an educational experience that uses experimental buttons and digital sounds to inspire participants to explore their sense of touch with a childlike abandon. The team of Juliana, Mantas and I were inspired by the way children explore everyday surfaces with a sense of wonder, and troubled by the realization that adults don’t grant themselves permission to explore the tactile world with the same freedom. Everyday behaviors are often expressions of social norms around what is “allowed” and “appropriate.” “Permission Granted” was born out of a desire to create a more playful context for exploring touch outside of the everyday.

The aim of the project was to bring forward the varied phenomenons where motion and movement play a key role. Though motion and movement play an integral role in all the five phenomenons i.e, perception of motion, adrenaline rush, ocean currents, continental drift and aurora, their significance is not well understood and mostly hidden.

I have tried to make suitable analogies with each phenomenon for easy comprehension of the topic so that the onlooker could make a relation and understand the subject better.


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