The interview with Dr. Kate went well and she does practice in a small white house amongst big apartments in the society. In the limited time that was on offer due to her appointments, I asked questions related to her patients and the common problems she hears. People come with other problem but get diagnosed with sleeping problem. She narrated many habits which attributes to sleeping disorders which people fail to recognise. And many a times, this results in seeking for help a long time after the symptoms shows up.

Simone and Yasaman were our instructors in TUI and Sensory courses respectively. They were in town for the TechFest. Simone brought a point about tracing the history of sleep and how it has evolved in history of humankind. Yasaman brought an interesting point of digging into jet lag which I had already set my mind on after the talk on Circadian Rhythm.

I had my first call with David, my advisor. We tried to understand what we expect from one another. One thing became clear for both of us that the subject is just a vehicle to achieve bigger goals i.e., to feel confident in my abilities as a designer and evolve.