Today, I had the pleasure of talking to Justin, Senior Portfolio Director at IDEO, Chicago. I got in touch with him through David. He is a guy who optimises sleep. After working on a project Rise Science, an app which optimises athlete’s sleep requirements, Justin started taking his sleeping quite seriously. Our conversation, I learnt about various rituals that he had heard from various people when it came to curbing jet lag and its impact. Justin is very careful with his sleeping patterns and uses range of tools to help him do so. On the other side, he also credits the good routine of going to gym that has helped him in the recent years. In conclusion, I got a feeling that people have different mechanism to deal with the same situations and those situations too, cannot be the same between the two different people.

I got a strong reactions from some CIID people that jet lag is a myth and I should widen the scope of the project. David made a very valid point that the effort needed for a jet lag free travel experience could be bigger than the pain and the effects of the jet lag. This convinced me to broaden the area of research and shifted my focus from travellers to shift workers.