I put up the quotes of the respective people and tried to cluster them based on themes.

  • unseen/uncovered traits
  • lifestyle choices
  • offsetting/migrating
  • mentality/behaviours
  • routine/commitment

Following insights emerged after clustering:

  • Being sleepy is a mental hurdle and not a physical problem for people.
  • People think they are now a better versions of themselves compared to from the past.
  • People can sense the problem but are indifferent to it.
  • People cannot trace back their problems to sleep.
  • People give in to their vices.
  • When one does something to a big stretch to help their body, its called passion but when if they do so while harming their body, its called addiction.
  • Quality of Sleep in an immeasurable (intangible) part of one’s life and therefore is taken for granted.
  • People’s psychology get them through the hard times.
  • People point to their life’s situation for their physical state of being.
  • People put work before their sleep.

While conversing with David, he told the tools used for the artefact is less important than what they used for (paraphrased). It’s a known fact but I told him about my concerns of building confidence in my skills and abilities and choosing this topic as a vehicle to achieve that.