Intent: to understand if the habits/rituals of the frequent flyers can mitigate the ill effects of jet lag

Goal: Introduction and making the person comfortable
5 minutes

  • how many flights you think you take each year?
  • do you remember your first flight?
  • how long are your stays in the destinations?
  • what is your fondest memory in the flight?

Goal: Question my assumptions
Duration: 12 minutes

  • do you usually travel alone or have a company? does it matter?
  • do you think you feel jet lagged in the first few days?
  • does it affect you in anyway? if yes, how do you cope with it?
  • how does it have any social interaction implications, fluctuation in mood, food habit, sleep or health?
  • do you remember any particular incident?
  • was the effect different while travelling from east to west versus vice versa?

Goal: Preparedness
Duration: 8 minutes

  • how many weeks early do you buy your flight tickets before the date of flight?
  • do you check for the difference in time between the destinations?
  • is there anything in particular do you do to get accustomed to the new place before leaving? (behaviour)
  • are there things in mind that you wish you could to do differently that might help minimise the effect of jet lag? (aspiration)

Goal: Journey and beyond
Duration: 10 minutes

  • how do you adjust the shift in time on the plane and after reaching?
  • does the nature of visit impact the routine and day to day habit for the trip?
  • do you keep in mind about routines in the plane like food, consumption of alcohol?
  • how do you cope with stress during vacation versus work?
  • does the duration of stay affect (long/short) have different affect on the body?
  • have you noticed any long term effect of travelling still lingering with you?