I was having a hard time grasping all the information I was reading and there is no end. To put an end to the ocean of knowledge of the subject, I decided that having a conversation with an expert will help me narrow down on the subject.

I Googled “sleep psychologist Copenhagen” and wrote her an email. She replied in 10 mins as opposed to 2 weeks that Francesca warned me about. The next thing I knew that I had half a day to prepare for an interview about the subject to an expert which I fully didn’t understand.

List the questions prepared for an interview with Dr.Kate Jackson.
Interview with Dr. Kate Jackson

Goal: Introduction and making the person comfortable
Duration: 5 minutes

  • when do you start your day usually?
  • how does your day look like?
  • how long have you been practicing for?
  • how many patients do you get for sleep disorder in a month?

Goal: Questions related to her patients
Duration: 6 minutes

  • what age group do they normally belong to?
  • Is there any common pattern that you have noticed amongst them?
  • what do you think are some of the causes?
  • is there any story that comes to your memory?
  • at what stages of the disorder do people seek your help?
  • how do they realize about the problem?

Goal: Sleep and other factors
Duration: 10 minutes

  • how important do you feel the role of lifestyle is on people for sleep disorder?
  • is there any connection with addiction and sleep, if so how?
  • things that people do just before sleep that affect them in long run?
  • what are things you think motivate people to get back on track of good cycle?
  • is there any way to re-direct behaviors through external stimuli or are there factors external to our physiology that affect sleep like job, light etc?
  • what is the role of anxiety and stress?
  • do dietary habits also affect the sleep process?
  • does an intimate company in bed help fall asleep better? if yes, how does that happen?
  • is there any way to tinker sleeping habits to adapt to change in geography for instance?

Goal: Sleep and after effect
Duration: 5 minutes

  • how do you think sleeping disorder affect the physiology and psychology of a person?
  • does it also affect our interaction to the outside world?
  • how long do you think a person could stay affected by sleep disorder and still function normally?