1. Reading about the subject – my understanding of the subject is just through my experience. I want to read about other people’s experiences. Viewpoints from sleep therapists, doctors, meditation practitioners and general masses.

  2. Desk research – I am interested to know the scale of sleep problem amongst people from different demographics. A general overview of sleep deprivation/insomnia, common patterns and symptoms.

  3. Interviewing people – have a personal conversation around the subject with people who suffer from insomnia, specialists and people who claim to sleep peacefully every night.
  4. Synthesis – after gathering all the materials from the research, sort and synthesis them to produce meaningful insights.


Techfest for some was a great opportunity to explore and see whats happening in the tech and design world. Though the my classmates had a mixed reaction to some of the talks on the first day, I went for a talk on Circadian rhythm which aligned with something I was looking.

Christina Blach Petersen and Forrest Webler, a multi disciplinary designer and a student pursuing PhD in civil engineering whose focus was on developing tools to quantify light exposure in large population studies for non-image forming effects, were the presenters.

The talk in a nutshell, helped me understand how light is the biggest contributor to the shift in our circadian rhythm. Along with that Christina asked us to download LYS app from app store. She and her team have developed this app for recognising the impact of light from object and if they were impactful for our sleep or not.